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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you choose your tours?

A: We do our research. We look at the reputation and quality of the tour companies that put together the tours. There are many tour companies, and only a few specialize in group travel for active older adults. We partner with tour companies that have the business certifications and liability coverage to stand out from others. And from there, we draw on feedback from our alumni travelers on what’s on their “bucket list” as well as destinations that spark our diverse interests.

Q: Are your trips always in groups?

A: Yes. Our groups generally range from 14 to 36 people, depending on the tour. Our largest tour was 43 people on a Danube River Cruise from Budapest to Prague. There were many relatives from an extended family living in different parts of the U.S. who came together for a reunion trip. We also do smaller group tours; e.g., exclusive friends trips or all-women trips.

Q: Do you find roommates for your travelers?

A: We do not find or match up roommates. Instead, if there is a single traveler who wishes to have a roommate on a tour, we will connect them with other individual travelers who express an interest in rooming with someone.

Q: Are there many single travelers on your tours?

A: We regularly have a handful of single travelers who take the single supplement on our tours. While they appreciate the safety of group travel and the opportunity to socialize, they also enjoy having their own hotel room when traveling.

Q: Can airline miles or award points be used on group tours?

A: No, unless you are arranging your own air, as it is a group tour and the tour companies have packaged ticketing arrangements for the group.

Q: What if I want to handle my own air?

A: We have a few travelers who like to arrange their own air so they can upgrade and/or use their flyer miles or award points. Our tours generally include air, unless otherwise noted, though we can subtract the air from the tour price that’s listed. We coordinate with the traveler flying separately so he/she knows where and when to begin the tour.

Q: If the air is included in the tour price, what airports are covered?

A: If the air portion is included, the airport (also known as “gateway”) is LAX in Los Angeles. If a traveler lives in another part of the country, we’ll communicate about price differences, if any, to fly from the major airport where that person lives.

Q: Should I purchase travel insurance?

A: We highly encourage our travelers to purchase travel protection. Some of the larger tour companies that we work with offer their own (the fee and coverage are noted on the reservation form). Others provide connections to reputable, nationally recognized third-party travel insurance companies. If you are going to charge your trip, check with your credit card company to see if they have trip coverage… and always read the fine print!  Some plans cover pre-trip cancellation for any reason while others cover emergencies such as medical issues, family member deaths or other problems occurring during the tour to disrupt your experience. Always know in advance what’s covered – and what’s excluded!

Q: What if I want to go early or extend my trip?

A: We have some travelers who like to fly in a day or two early to get settled and explore on their own or stay after the tour ends. If they are not handling their own air, we can work with them and the tour company to see about a flight change (at a reasonable fee) and/or hotel accommodations (at the same hotel as the group). If they are arranging their own air, we can also work with them on hotel accommodations for earlier arrival or at the end of tour.

Q: Do children go on your tours?

A: Yes, we have families with teens go on selected tours. Some grandparents have traveled with their grandchildren to enjoy a special multigenerational experience.

Q: Are you a travel agent?

A: No. Grace is a group leader who researches and organizes group tours. As a group leader (sometimes known as a travel advisor and/or travel escort), she also goes on many tours, usually to voluntarily assist the tour director or manager in charge of the tour group. Grace works directly with tour companies that specialize in group travel for active older adults to select tour offerings for those traveling with Destinations with Grace. She answers inquiries, processes reservations and facilitates traveler payments to the tour companies. She also organizes trip briefings, delivery of final travel packets and troubleshoots various issues.

Q: Is there a connection with Wise & Healthy Aging?
A: Wise & Healthy Aging is a nonprofit, community-based social services organization that has been serving older adults and caregivers in the greater Los Angeles region for over 50 years. Grace was its president and CEO from 2005-2022. Two years into her tenure, she created a group travel program for active older adults that is still going strong today. After completing her full-time position as CEO, Grace continues to work with the organization as the exclusive contractor for organizing multi-day tours for those associated with Wise & Healthy Aging. She also works with other organizations on group travel opportunities. Participation in tours is open regardless of organizational association.

Q: Does Grace also lead group tours?

A: Yes, but those are independent from Destinations with Grace. Some tour companies contract directly with Grace to be a tour director for their trips. If you’re interested in knowing about tours that Grace is leading, please email her at

If you have other questions, please email us.